Trade secret is the key to sustainable development in the industry

Taiwan Association for Trade Secrets Protection is a not-for-profit private organization dedicated to promoting awareness of trade secret and its protection with the government, the judiciary, and the industry. We aim to provide concrete recommendations for legislative actions and a platform to enable communication and exchange of ideas on relevant issues between the industry, the government, and academia. Our goal is to increase international awareness and collaboration of trade secret protection in Taiwan.

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2024-04-24Latest News

The “2024 Practical Trade Secret Protections in Enterprises” seminar session for central Taiwan was successfully held

To assist businesses in strengthening the protection of trade secrets and deepen the competitive advantages of small and medium-sized enterprises as hidden champions in different industries, the Intellectual Property Office of Taiwan jointly held a "Trade Secret Protection Seminar" with the Taiwan Association for Trade Secrets Protection and The Manufactures United General Association of Industrial Park of R.O.C. on April 22, 2014. The seminar invited directors of ...
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2024-03-18Seminars & Workshops

TTSP Workshop Series: Cultivating a culture of trade secret protection and establishing organizational mechanisms

To enhance communication among members of the association who are engaged in trade secret management and inspire multiple perspectives in management and practical methods, the association will hold a “TTSP ...
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2022-07-13Seminars & Workshops

2022 Technology Industry Forum on Integrity Governance and Trade Secret Protection

Integrity and Compliance Linking to International Standards, Cross-Domain Planning for Technological Vision The 2022 Technology Industry Forum on Integrity Governance and Trade Secret ...
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2021-09-15Seminars & Workshops

2021 Seminar on Strengthening Trade Secrets Protection Mechanisms

Purpose: In the face of global competition, companies strive for technological innovation to gain a competitive advantage. However, if their research and development efforts are leaked or stolen and used by competitors, all their hard work will be in vain and they may even face huge losses or compensation claims. Especially since Taiwan's industries occupy a critical position in the global supply chain, ...
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2021-01-05Latest News

The Taiwan Association for Trade Secrets Protection visited Minister Tsai to collaborate on promoting trade secrets protection

Minister of Justice Tsai is very concerned about protecting trade secrets. After having discussions with high-tech industry members in the northern, central, and southern science parks to promote experience exchange in protecting trade secrets, today (May 5), he personally received a visit from the Taiwan Association for Trade Secrets Protection, which has long been committed to promoting trade secret protection and cooperation in the industry. The association's deputy director, Fortune (also the deputy legal counsel of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), along with the association's secretary-general and others, visited Minister Tsai at the ...
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